Jessica has 25 years of experience in digital marketing, PR & and communications field, and has now found her career home as CEO and partner of CFD. She is a digital strategist with extensive experience in organic and paid social media and thrives on helping our clients grow using digital marketing. Jessica started out in the film and TV industries and has lived and worked in New York, London and the south of France. She now calls Sweden her home alongside husband James (an interior designer) and her three children, cat and dog. Jessica is a speaker, moderator and teacher for Google, Hyper Island and IHM Business School Stockholm. Book a complimentary discovery call with Jessica here.


Head of Projects

Sofie is a Digital Marketing specialist with 5+ years of experience from social media, SEO, and paid ads. She has a degree in Digital Marketing from Nackademin in Stockholm as Social Media Management specialist. Sofie’s interest in marketing started during her years working in Michelin star restaurants and the superyacht industry. Recently Sofie was in charge of growth and performance marketing for a major e-commerce company in the fashion sector. Besides project management as a freelance digital marketer she is also teaching and giving lectures to marketing students at several educational institutes in Sweden. In Sofie’s spare time she enjoys visiting the local food market, cooking for friends and family and spending time outside. Sofie is also a dedicated ashtanga yoga practitioner and likes to start the day with a yoga session before sunrise.


Head of Paid

Aleksei Panasenko is a digital Marketing freelancer with six years of experience in launching, managing and optimizing digital campaigns. He started as a marketing survey professional and grew to head of digital marketing, using his masters degrees in sociology and psychology, as well as best practices in the marketing industry to deliver positive results for clients with paid advertising on Google and Facebook.


Head of Operations

Jean has a degree in psychology and a certification in nonprofit management. Jean spent 4 years helping a nonprofit organization grow and helped advertise for their groups and meetings, which is where she found her love for marketing. Currently, Jean is working towards a degree in Business Management with a concentration in Marketing. Jean loves to help people and give them the boost they need to achieve their goals and dreams. In her spare time Jean loves to travel, read, and spend time outside.


Content Marketing Specialist

Jessica has a BA in Ancient History from King’s College London and an Achilles heel for digital marketing. Her odyssey, from DIME to Careful Feet Digital, began with an internship position and now encapsulates social media management. She currently lives in Paris, France, ipso facto, enjoys the local pastries, and has a growing collection of indoor plants.


Content Marketing Specialist

Dennis is a digital nomad with 10 years of experience in the Creative Design space. He predominantly works with Startups and has worked with over 130 clients in Nigeria, US, UK, UAE, South Africa, Kenya, and Rwanda. He has raised over $420,000 in StartUp Funding. He is an ICRC-Tony Elemelu Foundation Fellow, Emory University AHIA Innovator, African Union Education Innovator, YALI RLC Fellow, and Amref Innovate for Life Fellow.


Web Developer/Designer

Keegan is a Web Developer with 5+ years experience. He works with WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix and Hybris. His main experience lies in E-Commerce and E-Learning. Keegan began his journey into web work at the early age of 20, in Johannesburg, South Africa. Keegan now lives in Morecambe, United Kingdom and is furthering his career by continuously learning.


Paid Advertising Specialist

Azeez is a Digital Marketing Specialist who has 5 years experience helping businesses grow using digital tools and channels. He has managed paid campaigns for brands in different industries ranging from oil & gas to hospitality, health, fintech, finance and e-commerce amongst others. He loves staying indoors and watching movies.


Director of Barketing

As the Head of Barketing for CFD Luna is mainly focussed on.. well herself, and napping. When she is not barking at her own shadow she spends her work time interrupting team calls and making sure all the attention is on her. She is good at taking the lead though and if anyone in the team is having a "ruff" day she's always there with a helpful lick on the laptop camera to cheer us all up. Luna is always there with her paws-itivity. Luna is an Italian lagotto, famed for their truffle hunting skills, but as this talent seems to have passed her by, she is more focussed on scoring treats and chasing birds.