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Increased qualified leads and drove down cost per lead for wholesale industrial matting company

The Brief

Plastex Matting is a wholesale manufacturer of high-quality, durable matting solutions. With a diverse range of products designed to fit various industries and applications, Plastex products are sold across the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Spain and France. 

Plastex wanted to use digital ads to promote its products to business audiences across North American, European and Arabic markets. Careful Feet Digital managed Plastex’s ads in each market, increasing lead number and quality in each market.


Challenge 1: Advertising Platform

The first challenge we encountered was selecting the best advertising platform. The matting business has a wide but specific range of clients who are easily reachable on many platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google. With no targeting limitation, we had to pick a platform that corresponds most closely to the buying behavior common for the industry.

Upon analyzing all the specific consideration and buying behavior of the matting market, we discovered that businesses that need a matting solution are usually  aware of what they need. In addition, businesses in this market are not particularly loyal to the product brand, so they are ready to change supplier if presented with the right advertising at the right time. This meant that there was no need for demand building or brand awareness advertising. Instead, we decided to focus on actively intervening during the consideration and buying cycle. The most beneficial way to do that was through Google Ads. 

Challenge 2: Seasonal Demand

Plastex manufactures many different products specifically designed for very certain occasions, sometimes even with a country-dependent yearly demand cycle. For example, products like Barefoot Matting are popular during  summer, while products like Rooftop Matting or Garage Matting can be popular all year long.

To address this, we developed a comprehensive advertising strategy structured in a way that separates different products into separate advertising groups, which allowed us to dynamically distribute the budget towards the one that is in the highest demand at each particular moment. We also used a pool of evergreen keywords which were the main source of all conversions when none of the products are in particularly high demand.

screenshot of Google Ads platform results for wholesale flooring company

Challenge 3: People and businesses
One of the biggest challenges of the project was  separating keywords used by businesses from keywords used by people. The matting market has many overlapping search terms that could be useful to, for example, people searching for front door matting for their porches. The overlap could drain budget from the campaigns we were running. 

Apart from a regular, common-sense keyword sorting and review, we developed a specific approach that used the keyword’s volume of traffic, cost per click, and conversion rate to identify whether it was relevant. This approach allowed us to eventually hone in on high-risk keywords that were used by people, but not businesses.

To further hone in on a business audience, we adjusted advertising copy, using different business-related terminology in the headlines and description to create make it clear that the target audience was businesses rather than individuals.

google ad copy examples for flooring company in Spanish


With a budget of £175,556 we achieved 4,830,747 impressions, 153,154 clicks, and an average click-through rate (CTR) of 3.17%.

Despite the vast reach, the campaigns maintained an efficient average cost per acquisition (CPA) of £117.15, signifying a mindful approach to budget allocation. Most notably, these campaigns culminated in a total of 1,867 conversions, underscoring the targeted marketing strategies employed. 

This performance is highlighted by an impressive average conversion rate of 1.22%, indicating a successful conversion of audience engagement into tangible outcomes. 

Through these concerted efforts, Plastex has not only broadened its digital footprint but also significantly enhanced its engagement and conversion metrics, laying a strong foundation for future marketing endeavours.

paid ads results for wholesale flooring company improving leads and lead quality driving down cost per lead