Oomla -
ecommerce sales for new brand

Increased sales and a 13x ROAS with an effective GTM ad strategy

The Brief

MyOomla is an online e-commerce store that sells bras, shorts, and socks designed to make the transition to puberty a little more comfortable for teens and their parents. A recently launched brand, they reached out to improve demand generation and increase sales in the United States.


Challenge 1: Parents or kids

The first and greatest challenge for any kid-related brand is to determine whether the parent or the kid is a decision initiator. It can be a parent who then sells it to their child or the child, who will have to convince their parent. Either way, there is always somebody who sees the ad and starts the sales consideration process. It is crucial for businesses to determine how that process flows in the early stages of advertising and focus their advertising to the decision-maker; otherwise, the budget can be wasted on the wrong audience.

Through testing a range of different creatives, copies, and targeting, we’ve discovered that when it comes to teen clothing, women 35 – 54 are the ones who get things going. They were consistently responsible for the majority of sales, especially the ones with a higher AOV and greater LTV. Targeting them allowed us to kick-start Oomla’s business success and reach 2x ROAS.

teen ecommerce case study screenshot of live ads on Meta

Challenge 2: How to promote

With any new brand, education is a part of the go to market strategy. Upon gathering and researching the results of the first wave of advertising, we’ve established that brand building was the most effective way of promoting these niche products. People responded to advertising actively after they developed clear understanding of what actually distinguished Oomla’s products from other clothing – and were also more likely to come back for repeated purchases. This allowed Oomla to significantly decrease their cost per purchase and establish a portion of income based on brand loyalty.

Challenge 3: Marketing mix

Finding the perfect mix of advertising platforms and promotional vectors that increased sales was imperative. Businesses that haven’t properly discovered their most viable platforms and learn how to streamline them into a single funnel risk paying significantly more per conversion.

With a brand-building goal in mind, we’ve created an intricate and overlapping funnel where different advertising platforms complemented each other. In Oomla’s advertising model, we’ve focused social media efforts on spreading the word and establishing the brand’s outstanding qualities while we used search engines to capture this interest and convert it to sales, reaching an 11x return on the ad spend at its peak. 


The campaigns received over 2 million impressions, 12k clicks at a $2.70 cost per click, and around 1,600 first-time purchases. ~10% of the first-time purchasers were inclined to come back for a repeated purchase within the following 3 months at no extra advertising cost.

Oomla achieved an average first-time return on advertising spend of x4.3 at its peak, while the lifetime return on the ad spend of loyal customers reached an outstanding x13.46.  

screenshot of Google Ads performance for children's ecommerce brand
Screenshot of Meta ads performance for children's ecommerce brand