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Increased app installs and the membership base of a subscription based app for pregnant people and nursing parents using Facebook and Google ads.

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The Brief

Poppy Seed Health (PSH) is an app that allows pregnant people and nursing parents to chat with doulas and nurses. The app allows users to subscribe monthly or pay on a per chat basis. PSH contacted CFD to increase their app installations and subscriber base, using Facebook and Google Ads.


We launched the campaigns towards the end of November 2021. On Facebook, our approach was to run a traffic campaign with landing page view optimization as the company didn’t wish to use Meta Pixel or Facebook SDK. This was a choice made in compliance with data privacy. The account structure contained a top of the funnel campaign and a middle of the funnel campaign, targeting visitors who didn’t register or click on the ‘Download App’ button. The top of the funnel campaign had 1 interest per ad set which allowed us to determine the exact audience that was performing. We tested multiple ad creatives during the process and identified some winners.


On Google, we launched a new Android install campaign, a search campaign containing all brand-related keywords and another search campaign for all service-related keywords. The campaign with service-related keywords had ad groups for pregnancy, nurses, miscarriage, breastfeeding and baby products. Poppy Seed Health also had issues with their iOS app install campaign when we took over their account. The iOS campaigns were not delivering or getting impressions. We created a new iOS app install campaign and implemented a target cost per installation to ensure the campaign was getting impressions and clicks.


As we continued to optimize, we began to identify the best creatives from our robust stockpile of images and videos. We scaled our best performing creatives, audiences and ad copy combinations and also launched a retargeting campaign. For Google, we broke down the service-related campaign into 5 different campaigns with different keyword matches.


We spent $23,111.22 on both Facebook and Google ads between November 2021 and May 2022. The search campaigns had an average CTR of between 2.80% and 7% which is higher than the industry average.

Cost per conversion was within $5 – $8 for search campaigns. For the Android install campaign, we recorded a cost per install of $3.73 which was much lower than the CPI of $6-$7 that was in place when we took over the account. There were other metrics that surpassed the industry average as well. For example, the average cost per click for our Google campaigns was equal to $0.57 which is $2.05 lower than the health industry average of $2.62.

On Facebook, we recorded a cost per landing page view of as low as $0.66.

We also discovered the best performing creatives for future use and scaling.

In general, we increased the number of Poppy Seed Health users 4x within 6 months.

"Since October, we've nearly 4x increased our membership base, incredible results! And many, many learnings."
Poppy Seed Health

Our Learnings

  • Testing creatives is important. You need to test a good number of creatives including ad copies, images and videos on Facebook. 
  • iOS app install campaigns on Google may not deliver unless you add a target cost per install, which you would need to test periodically to find the perfect number.