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Fresh Tri needed 60k app downloads from a specific demographic within three months

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The Brief

Fresh Tri™ is a rapidly growing neuroscience-based digital health company and app. They approached CFD to develop a strategy to get 60k app downloads in three or so months. These downloads had to come from a very specific audience, which CFD cannot contractually give more details about.


To help Fresh Tri achieve their goals, CFD developed a strategy that included several rounds of ad testing and refinements to the target audience. Testing waves contained 4 different message ideas with 3 text/images variations. Messages were designed with particular insight into how to engage the target audiences, and were supported by 3 different creatives based around 3 key images of a woman, food and device/application.

Each subsequent wave updated copy and images based on previous wave best performers and key findings.

Wave 1 was launched in August 2020. There were 4 subsequent waves. The best performers in each wave were deliberately transferred to the next wave to compete with updated ads on equal terms.

Wave 4 was launched in December 2020.

Careful Feet Digital proposed flexible targeting methods to cover Fresh Tri’s desired audience. To target one specific audience, we used 2 different approaches:
  • Role targeting – the way of targeting provided by Facebook and Instagram. It relies on information users included in their profile on Facebook. For example in this campaign we used role targeting to show ads to people who mentioned specific target audience demographics in their profiles.
  • Geo targeting – the way of targeting provided by Facebook and Instagram. It relies on the list of postcodes, which relates to a specific building or place rounded by 1m radius. All people who are constantly staying in these areas and have their geo-targeting enabled on the phone can be targeted by this method.
To attract health-minded people CFD used interest based targeting, which covered all people who might be interested in a healthy-eating lifestyle. Overall CFD’s work consisted of 4 campaigns, 140 ad sets and 420 ads.


Careful Feet Digital reached 5 million people, drove 70,490 installations over the course of 4 months with a peak performance of up to 1200 installations a day and an average $5.71 of cost per installation. 

Some best performers from Wave 1 made it up to the end and with astonishing results.

Facebook ads manager results screenshot