CFD Have Been Shortlisted For Two Global Social Media Awards

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We’re so excited to announce that we have been shortlisted for not one, but two awards in the 2022 Global Social Media Awards. The first category looks at the Best Use of Paid Social for Insect Lore, and the second is for Best Audience Engagement Campaign for DealNews.

We are incredibly grateful for this moment in the spotlight and want to thank Don’t Panic for recognizing our hard work and for supporting us as entrants. Of course, we would not be here without our small, but mighty team, so this is very much for them!

Keep on reading to find out how we helped Insect Lore reach an ROI of 13% with Paid Social Ads, as well as how we galvanized DealNews customers to engage with their content.

Best Use of Paid Social

Who is the client?

Insect Lore is a UK-based e-commerce shop that provides live caterpillars, butterfly gardens, butterfly kits, live insects, insect habitats, toys, and gifts for children. They contacted CFD intending to increase web sales and improve ROI through paid advertising.

What was CFD’s approach?

We developed a holistic strategy to reach new audiences and retarget those who had previously seen ads. We utilized both Google and Meta advertising platforms and ran our campaigns for four full months.

When looking specifically at our Paid Social efforts, we had two campaign sets. The first campaign targeted people who had visited the Insect Lore website but hadn’t completed a purchase. It contained two ad sets with 12 ads. 

The second campaign was aimed at attracting cold traffic through the means of relevant interests in butterflies, nature and home activities, and this contained three ad sets with 42 ads.

What was the result?

Our Paid Social efforts drove 9,042 unique purchases, which is about a 23.18% conversion rate. This is higher than the industry average of 13.58% by 9.6%, a significant difference. It is also worth noting that the average cost per click for our Insect Lore Facebook campaigns was £0.34, an incredible £0.33 lower than the industry standard of £0.75. These efforts resulted in a return of 12.61x the marketing investment ratio.

Analytics graph showing the number of website purchases, people reached and amount spent.

Read more about our strategy for helping Insect Lore drive sales with Paid Ads.

Best Audience Engagement Campaign

Who is the client?

DealNews is a comparison shopping website where users can find the best deals on a variety of consumer goods. They have been in business for over 22 years and boast 14.5 million website visits per month. 

We worked with DealNews for over two years to develop and refine a social media presence that improved brand awareness, drove traffic to the website and ultimately, increased sales.

What was CFD’s approach?

First, we overhauled the aesthetic of DealNews’ social media channels and created a more cohesive look that was more visually appealing. This was an important step as it signals to customers that the business is consistent and dependable.

Two screenshots side by side showing DealNews' feed before and after CFD.

To generate engagement, we published funny and relatable content such as memes and employee features, as well as high-quality editorial imagery that tends to perform well across all social channels. 

What was the result?

Within the first five months of working with CFD, DealNews’ site traffic from social increased by 146%. Similarly, conversions from social media rose by 33%.

A horizontal bar chart showing DealNews' conversions from social, beginning from June 2019 to February 2020.

Engagement on social channels grew beyond 1% of the overall following.

Screenshots from socials showing the engagement rate.

One way to attain consistent social media engagement was through various events and holidays as it opened the door for followers to interact with the brand.

For example, on Get to Know Your Customer Day, we posted questions that were both fun and data-driven across Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Asking followers if they liked Pizza or Tacos, followed by a question about what deals they’d like to see, improved engagement and was entertaining for followers while providing real business data back to DealNews.

By having an aligned visual and content strategy, users were able to recognize DealNews’ content and engage with it. While improving brand identity, increasing traffic to their website and driving sales, we were also able to grow DealNews’ Instagram following to 10k+.

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